Gems therapy is simple term coined to illustrate the therapeutic aspect of some very precious stones. The essence of this little wonders of mother earth was understood in age old eras when people felt better in some specific location where some specific stones or minerals were found. Thus, researches from Ayurveda gave birth to gems therapy. The precious stones have a medicinal pedigree which is very important to recognize to understand the vital healing effect of this wonder stones.

Choosing a correct gemstone is a very sensitive task and it is even more vital than wearing it. Each gemstone represents each planet and wearing a gemstone representing the planet that’s suits you is a very vital thing. The right gemstone helps to maintain proper body cycle and enhances the physiological balance in our body. Hence any kind of experiment with choosing right gemstone can have very serious detrimental effect. Now choosing right gemstone is an art in itself. This can be done successfully by a good astrologer who has ample knowledge and creativity in doing so.


This stone mainly uses for planet Jupiter, its helps to your monetary gain, it will take care of your health issue and financial problems.


This gem represents planet Saturn, this will affect your marital issue, and it will give you relief of your struggles.


This is for mercury, it will help you to take right decision in right time, to wearing emerald it boasts your analytical abilities, those who are into business or administrative work they should wear emerald.


Stands for planet sun this gem will help you to your leadership, and give you fame, power and communication skills.


It’s for moon, it will give you mental peace and boast your artistic, creative abilities to become successful in film industry or media you must wear pearl.


Stands for planet mars, it gives you lots of energy aggressiveness, and it also benefits your mental and physical growth.


This gem representing planet ketu, to wear this stone will helps your luxurious lifestyle and quick gain.


It stands for planet rahu, it will help you to gain speculation money.


This gem represents planet Venus, it will give you good health, energy, peace, marital happiness, those who belong to sports or glamour industry they should wear diamond.


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