Homan and Havana

In Homa or fire sacrifice, clarified butter and other substances are poured into the fire as offering to God, accompanied by Mantras, usually starting with Om and ending in Svaha. Sat-Karma-dipika says that in Purnahuthi, the fire is called Mirtha; In Shanti-Kriya, Varada; In Pushti-Kriya, Balada; In Abhichara, Krodha; In Vashikarana, Kamada; In Vara-Dana, Cudaka; In Laksha-homa, Vahini; In Koti-homa, Hutasana. Fire is a tiny energy centre man is capable of producing. It is tiny in comparison with the Sun. It has properties similar to those in the Sun. The three mystical words Bhuh, Bhuvah and Suvaha, establish a link between the earth, the environment and the Sun and thus finally with the cosmic energy.


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