Palm Reading

Palmistry is practiced by evaluating an individual’s characteristics and future by observing the palm of the person’s hand. This is judged by various lines, shapes and structures and their interconnection and intersections. The fingers and finger prints are also taken into for more detailed study.

The palm of our both hands are not identical, they differ a lot from one another and therefore gives out different interpretation.

palm reading

Left – The left hand is controlled by the right brain (pattern recognition, relationship understanding), reflects the inner person, the natural self, the anima, and the lateral thinking.

Right – As opposites are, the right hand is controlled by the left brain (logic, reason, and language), reflects the outer person, objective self, influence of social environment, education, and experience. It represents linear thinking.


It is found towards the top of the palm under the fingers, palmist interprets this line represent matters of the heart, which is more literally, our emotional living. its therefore believed to be an insight into how the emotional sides of our mind frames will act out and be acted upon during our lifetimes, and often said, to what extent we possess emotional reservation with us.


Palmist generally interpret this line to represent the persons mind and the way it works, including learning style, communication style, intellectualism and for knowledge in different spheres of life.


The line is believed to represent the person’s vitality, vigour, physical health and general well-being. The life line is also believed to reflect major life changes.


Sometimes this line is thought to reflect circumstances beyond the individual control.


Parallel to the fate line under the ring finger it indicates popularity or obscurity.


It is purported to be an indicator of persistent health issue, business acumen or interpersonal skill.


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